Much to my dismay and against my prior beliefs about who writes blogs, here I am starting a blog.  Oh, I’ve done the unthinkable.  I’m officially a self-loathing, author of a blog.  Actually, I’m not.   I decided to create this blog because like other Americans I am unemployed.  Being unemployed is incredibly stressful but I am trying to find meaning out of it.  I’m taking this time to rediscover myself and live the life I used to fantasize, you know the “If I had a more time I would…”  Well, granted some of the things I wished I could do require money, I am still finding things I can do cheaply, with the use of my computer and fast interent connection.  And so, here I am, I have arrived at one of the things I used to say I would if I had more time -Write.  Enough, about why – I am a 28 year old female, educated, smart, person who decided to pursue my passion for the arts.  My passion for the arts and the economy is what got me to this point, and I am determined to use my creative nature to pass the time until I find full time work.

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